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Mullah Omar disowns TTP

The Afghan Taliban chief, Mullah Omar, has once again declared that those blowing up madrassas, schools and hospitals are not at all the Taliban but agents of the enemy and they are not even Muslim. He said in an e-mail message to news agencies and media houses on March 27 that the Taliban do not believe in terrorism, nor are involved in acts of terror, extremism or militancy. He challenged the Afghan government and asked to provide any kind of proof, if any, against the Taliban. The enemy, he said, wants to give bad name to the Taliban who know better than anyone else the significance of knowledge and education, and the sanctity of madrassas, schools and hospitals. Those conducting such acts are not from us, he reiterated.

This is not the first time Mullah Omar has disowned the so-called Taliban. In an earlier letter to the Pakistani government officials, he had clearly announcing that the those impersonating as Taliban and conducting attacks against the security forces, government buildings and educational institutions or hospitals have nothing to do with the Afghan Taliban.

This fact was endorsed by the slain Pakistani Col Imam, who claimed in a TV interview to have the copy of Mullah Omars letter. Mullah Omar has time and again warned the Pakistani Taliban not to name themselves as Taliban or else stop attacking the security forces personnel as the Afghan Taliban have no enmity against our Pakistani brothers who had helped the Afghans in their hour of trial.

It is obvious that the Taliban in Pakistan, who have now more than 13 organisations, including the Pashtun Taliban, Punjabi Taliban and Siraiki Taliban or TT-Punjab and TT-Pakistan, do not accept the command of Mullah Omar, rather they are being directed, funded, fuelled and armed by the anti-state elements.

It is upon us now to identify and expose the agents of the enemy and fight against them. The only way forward is to get united and not to surrender to the enemy tactics or insinuations.




  1. Bintul islam said:

    M.Umer iz really great HERO of islam and HERO of real muslims.

  2. Aamir said:

    Alhamdulillah…. Finally ameer ul momineen issues a statement against them.. Now he should start sweeping these people from the face of earth

  3. Madiha said:

    what ameer ul momineen bakwas – there is no ameer of momineen in present times! let's hang and annihilate these butchers and be done with them already! why the hell are we taking so much time, decades, to identify our enemy? whenever somebody uses an arm against us, he is the enemy. simple. root him out, root out his sources of funds and just get rid of them yaar! im done with all these discussions and debates!

    • Junaid Jamshed said:

      actually u r confused because of TTP , Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan which is using the Name Taliban..
      Actually the original Talibans are Afghan Taliban which are true Muslims and theses TTP are the agents of state enemies, many of them are not even Muslims, they just want to destablised Pakistan..
      and by getting such comments like your's they ( Muslim enemies ) are winning their game, and getting success in their agenda to disgrace true Mujahidis like Afghan Taliban ..

      • ahmed said:

        I completely agree with you. Afghan taliban are the real taliban who don't believe in terrorism and killings of muslims and anyone else. These TTP are using their name and are doing all these barbaric acts to make a bad picture of Islam and the real taliban. TTP are funded by other agencies like CIA, RAW, MOSSAD. Afghan taliban actually hold sympathies with Pakistani people and they have repeatedly told the TTP to stop these terror activitiesin Pakistan and come over to Afghanistan for jihad.

  4. Umer Bin Khalid said:

    oh wow….u disown them but u give tem refuge in your country……if they are doing wrong then why dont you fight against them MULLAH SAHIB……but why would you do that….there is no good taliban…..the good taliban are dead taliban only

    • ahmed said:

      Get your facts right. These Afghan taliban are doing jihad and they haven't got time to deal with TTP, though they hold sympathies with Pakistn and it's people. Mullah Omar has repeatdley disowned TTP and has said, he doesn't have any links with the TTP.

    • Waleed said:

      Are we not giving refuge to americans who are fighting against talibaan? We are more responsible for this! They re in no state to keep their country clean, they are already fighting against a superpower, how do you expect them to wipe them off. Why would they help us when we didn`t help them?

  5. YUS KHAN said:

    ONLY GOOD TALIBAN IS A DEAD TALIBAN. Find this man and hang him for Pakistan.

  6. Nomi said:

    So many commenters on this page are terrorists. Pak army needs to bomb all of you You all need to be hanged

  7. Naaz said:

    Wars are not solutions of any problem, if we will kill 100 , they will get motivated in thousands , few wrong decisions lead us towards distructions otherwise Tahreek e taliban is feed n trains by our militians in Zia ul Haq era, Mushraaf's wrong decisions n polices made them our enemy now they are taking revenge from the innocent people whereas Mushraaf and his America both are safe .

  8. waqas said:

    when we have our army we have no need to any Taliban………………..destroy every Taliban even he is true or not…………..

  9. Irfan Ullah said:

    This is nonsense…TTP is under Molah Umar as they consider him AMIR UL MOMININ.. In Fata belt these both organisation were actively working and still active in some parts. But they never forbidden TTP from crimes.

  10. Rose said:

    In order to root out the Talibans we must first eradicate the sick mentality which we all have fed to us by the very mullahs. taliban is actually nothing but a name of the sickness of mind when religion takes over everything we can end this by developing schools for children in northern areas and no child should be left behind we need to give the children a much more colourful perspective of life.

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