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Warid celebrates Earth Hour

LAHORE – Warid Telecom celebrated Earth Hour on Saturday. These celebrations were a part of Warid’s going ‘green drive’. The global community, transcending race, culture and age, embraced Earth Hour in the pursuit of a cleaner and safer planet. While commenting on Warid’s participation in the event, Warid Telecom Chief Executive Officer Muneer Farooqui said, “Our participation in the Earth Hour this year shows our commitment towards the health of living resources on which we all depend. Earth Hour is a way to renew our commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle and bring local attention to this important global issue.”
Warid Telecom has taken multiple IT/engineering related initiatives in the past to play its role for a greener planet. Warid started a project on implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution based on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R-2 Hyper-V, to lessen carbon emissions. Total power consumption is reduced by 180 percent with annual saving of 215,280 KW/Y of power, 160,030 KW/Y of air conditioning and 581,730 pound of carbon emission.
Warid also introduced solar powered BTS in the country. The non-hybrid site is 100 percent powered on solar energy, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution. The solution also reduces pressure on Pakistan’s overall energy supply, which benefits the environment.

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