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Lawyer wants LHCBA clean chit on thrashing

LAHORE – Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) member Nasir Khan Banuzai, who allegedly thrashed a 60-year-old woman, Bushra Sayyeda, on Thursday in the bar premises, filed an application on Saturday in the bar, calling for an inquiry by a bar committee, to help him cleanly come out of the case. On March 24, Nasir allegedly thrashed Bushra with a shoe, injuring her head and face, for sitting at his makeshift office in the bar premises.
Nasir claims that Bushra was a ‘judicial tout’ and she had provoked him into the scuffle. He said he asked her only why did she come to the bar daily and sat on the bar’s chairs without purpose, upon which she started abusing him. He said Bushra was sitting on a chair placed near his ‘makeshift chamber’ in the bar near the bar canteen and refused to leave the chair saying that the chairs belonged to the bar and not him.
On Saturday, in the application addressed to the LHCBA President Asghar Ali Gill, Nasir requested the bar president that a committee comprising lady lawyers of the bar may be constituted for a proper inquiry into the matter so that he may be cleared of the allegations. He said that the media painted an ugly face of him by publishing the news that he thrashed Bushra for nothing. He asked the bar president to publish clarification of the news published in a section of press about the incident by declaring him innocent and by banning Bushra’s entry in the bar.
Bushra, Bund Road resident, admitted that she had been working as a commission agent for lawyers as she fetched clients for them and got her share from the fee. She said, “I only asked him why he was stopping me from sitting on the seat which did not belong to him. But he suddenly started shouting at me and took off his shoe to beat me.”

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