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MD Virtual University gets Pride of Performance

LAHORE – President Asif Ali Zardari Wednesday awarded the Pride of Performance to Managing Director Virtual University (VU) Tajdar Alam at the Presidency in Islamabad. Tajdar has been nominated for the prestigious award for his relentless and meritorious efforts in the field of television and introducing state-of-the-art educational system in the country by making best use of modern technology and communication system. He has a wide range of experience and is well-known producer and director with a number of popular drama serials and shows to his credit. Under his supervision, the varsity installed its TV network with the launch of four VUTV channels and introduced recorded lectures facility. Today, four television channels are making VU go beyond boundaries in spreading higher education in the country and abroad.

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  1. aleem said:

    who is tajdar alam? is he the same person who robbed money from a danish pakistan and that person's wife i think 4.3 million rupees.

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