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Extreme supermoon – Pundit predicts natural disasters in 7 days

KARACHI – Followed by the extreme supermoon event on Saturday, a Hindu pundit and expert on celestial bodies has foreseen natural disasters throughout the world in the next seven days. Besides that, the pundit also predicted massive changes in Pakistan in the next few months.
Maharaj Premchand Giyanchandani said that the extreme supermoon was observed on Saturday – the day of Shani, the deity of death – and as per Hindu astrology, this would cause a lot of destruction around the world.
“According to Hindu mythology, when Shani was born, the sun went into an eclipse. Therefore, the extreme supermoon occurring on a Saturday will cause destruction,” he said. Shani moves slowly and always brings miseries for human beings, he explained.
The moon has made its closest approach to Earth in 18 years, causing high tides in the sea. To observe this event, a large number of citizens gathered at the beaches. Negative changes in the weather might be experienced in the next few days, the pundit said.
“It is a natural phenomenon, during which there is increased gravitational pull, creating higher tides. This will continue for two more days, but there is no reason to panic,” said Pakistan Meteorological Department’s Muhammad Riaz.

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