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We’re trying to reduce load shedding, but…

STAFF REPORT – The Sindh government will ensure that load shedding is reduced to its minimum possible level, promised Sindh Electric Power Minister Shazia Marri on Friday while talking to media personnel at the inauguration of a spring festival and flower exhibition. Marri said that Sindh has the gotten the right of ownership to 50 per cent share on its oil, gas and other natural recourses under Article 172 (3) through the 18th Amendment. She said that the Sindh government has planned the development of four dormant gas fields that were not developed or utilized by the Oil & Gas development Company Limited (OGDCL).
Through the development and utilization of these gas reservoirs, the government will hopefully succeed in overcoming the difference in the demand for power and the supply generated, she said, adding that the industrial sector will also get uninterrupted gas supply through these measures. Appreciating the flower exhibition, Marri said that flowers and greenery are part of human nature. She lauded the range of flowers being exhibited, specially the saplings of cactus and other rare and imported flowers, arguing that the exhibition is a great opportunity for new learners of gardening. She appealed to parents to bring their children to the exhibition so that the new generation is able to learn about the importance of flowers and greenery.

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