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PILDAT holds workshop on South Punjab’s provincial status

LAHORE – PILDAT’s mock discussion on the provincial status of South Punjab remained deadlocked between the Punjab chief minister’s task force and the proponents of a provincial status for the region.
In an exercise to resolve the conflict and devise negotiation strategies for members of the Punjab Assembly and office bearers of major political parties, a mock simulation exercise was conducted on Friday by a seasoned instructor Mohammed Feyyaz over the issue of whether or not South Punjab should be a separate province.
A background paper on Demand for Seraiki Province to assist the participants was also prepared, which neither supported nor opposed the creation of the new province. The participants were divided into two groups: the proponents and opponents and briefed on how to understand the contours of a conflict and prepare negotiation points in each group.
The next workshop of the series will be held for MPs on March 21 in Islamabad.

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