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Labour Party terms Tory govt racist

LONDON – Britain’s Labour Party has claimed that the Tories’ government does not want Muslims to live in the central London while the mayor of London has also described the housing reforms as ‘draconian’, saying it could lead to ‘Kosovo-style’ social cleansing.
Karen Buck, the shadow work and pensions minister, said the government’s controversial plans to cut housing benefits were designed to force ‘black, ethnic minority and Muslim women’ out into the capital’s poorer suburbs.
She said, “The government do not want lower-income women, families, and children and, above all, let us be very clear – because we also know where the impact is hitting – they don’t want black women, ethnic minority women and Muslim women living in central London.”
On the other hand, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Conservative Party Chairman, said Karen’s remarks had proved that reactionary politics was alive and well in the Labour Party.”

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