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All together now

LAHORE – Protests against the release of CIA operative Raymond Davis continued for a second day on Friday. A joint rally by the Jamaat I Islami (JI), Pakistan Tehreek I Insaaf (PTI) and the Jama’t ud Da’wa (JuD) walked amidst high security and closed shops from Nasir Bagh to the Punjab Assembly Chambers. Obaid-ur-Rehman’s brother Sajjad-ur-Rehman was also present in the protest.
Addressing the rally, JI Chief Syed Munawar Hasan, held the Punjab government, the federal government and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) responsible for the deal to free Raymond Davis. Speaking to the crowd, he declared, “We will never forgive the treachery of the Sharif brothers and will continue to struggle against American slavery.” Munawar said the judge who ordered Davis’ release has been sent on leave while the Sharif brothers left the country at a critical node. He said media reports of the restoration of relations between CIA and ISI after the release also raises questions. “The release of Davis will incite a mass movement with the slogan, ‘Go America Go.'”
He held the Sharif’s responsible for the escape of the four individuals in the vehicle that overran Obaid ur Rehman. He said the the secret of Nawaz Sharif’s mysterious ailment has already been revealed to the masses. He added that President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani, the Pakistan Army Chief Kayani and above all the Sharif brothers had sold out national honour for a few coins. “Unity amidst the JI, JuD and PTI on this matter is the first drop in the coming rain,” he said. Syed Munawar Hasan deplored the fact that the ISI had belied its past record and joined the CIA in an agenda to kill innocent Pakistan civilians. “The ISI has lost the people’s confidence by aiding the release of a state criminal,” he said. The JI chief expressed confidence that JI’s “Go America, Go!” drive would succeed in the long run.
Addressing the rally, Jamaat ud Dawa central leader Ameer Hamza evoked memories of Mir Ja’fer and Mir Sadiq. He said religious parties and people with beards are blamed when blasts occur but now when a real ‘terrorist’ had been caught, it was ruling parties that had come together to release him. He said the next time any act of terror is conducted in the country an FIR shuld be lodged against President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani, General Kayani, Nawaz Shaif and Shahbaz Sharif. He claimed Pakistan’s envoy in Washington, Hussain Haqqani, had issued visas to 400 Americans in a single day while Interior Minister Rehman Malik had allowed their entry into the country.
PTI Punjab President Ahsan Rasheed and Secretary General Dr. Yasmeen Rashid said they wanted to remind the public of Shumaila’s (Faheem’s wife) last words in which she asked for justice. ISF President Hassan Niazi asked JI Chief Syed Munawwar Hassan and Imran Khan to announce a long march against the slavery of America. He claimed young students are ready to sacrifice for Shumaila. JI senior leader Fareed Paracha, JuD leader Ameer-ul-Azeem and others spoke at the protest. Meanwhile, Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (JUP) and Ahl-e-Hadees youth held protests outside the Lahore Press Club. Protestors at both rallies chanted slogans against rulers and held party flags alongside their placards. A few tussles amongst protestors of different parties were seen to erupt at the protest at The Mall.