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No fuel leaves trains grounded

LAHORE – Thousands of train passengers were left stranded at the city and cantonment railway stations after several trains were cancelled owing to diesel shortages on Friday. Subsequently, railway authorities were unable to issue a new schedule for the suspended trains. The Railway Station Information Office (117) informed passengers that all trains on Lahore-Faisalabad and Lahore-Narowal sections have been suspended while 117-Up/118-Down Moosa Pak Express, 38-Up Express, 327-Up /328-Down train for Peshawar, 321-Up/ 322-Down, 229-Up/230-Down Sultan Bahu Express, 325-Up/326-Down Noor Shah Express and 177-Up/ 178-Down Express were grounded due to a lack of fuel. Pakistan Railways General Manager (GM) Operations Muhammad Ashfaq Khattak was not available for comments.
However, PR Divisional Superintendent Lahore Abdul Jabbar claimed that all trains were running and no train had been suspended. On the other hand, Daily Passengers Association (DPA) President Malik Sajjid blamed the alleged fuel shortage on the PR administration’s mismanagement. He accused the GM Railways of not being interested in helping out passengers. “The GM said he wanted to close all short distance trains a few days ago,” Sajjid added. PR insiders confided to Pakistan Today that the Railways is yet to develop a bailout plan to run the suspended trains. Pakistan State Oil (PSO), PR’s main diesel and engine oil supplier, has refused fuel supplies on credit until PR clears its outstanding balance with the national fuel supplier.

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