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Jinnah Hospital workshops begin tomorrow

KARACHI – The pre-symposium workshops of the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC)’s 48th annual medical moot would begin on Saturday (tomorrow). Over 20 workshops on wide-ranging subjects would include sessions on ‘Improving Medical Response to Bomb Blasts’, ‘Effective Communication for Health Professionals’, ‘Primary Trauma Care’, and ‘Is Poison a Weapon of Mass Destruction.’
The symposium with the theme ‘Health Profession and Community Understandings and Misunderstandings’ would be inaugurated by Federal Health Secretary Nargis Sethi on March 28. The first-day workshops would cover ‘Cerebral Palsy’ and ‘Urinary Bladder Repair and Retrograde Catheterisation’, followed by ‘Improving Medical Response to Bomb Blasts’ and ‘Phacodynamics’.
Sessions for the third day would comprise a workshop on ‘Spirometry’ and a scientific presentation-cum-discussion on ‘Is Poison a Weapon of Mass Destruction’. Next in the series would be ‘Effective Communication for Health Professionals’. Hands-on ‘Tube Thoracostomy’ and ‘Basic Life Support and Emergency Obstetric Care’ are scheduled for March 24. A session on ‘Smoking Cessation’ would also be held the same day, as well as ‘Endocrine Case Reviews’ and ‘Liver Biopsy and Band Ligation’.
An interactive workshop on ‘Diabetes Mellitus’ and another on ‘Electrolyte Imbalance’ would be held on March 25. A session on ‘X-Smart Endodontics’ is also planned for the same day at the Dentistry Department, followed by hands-on ‘Staplled Gut Anastomosis’ at the Surgical Hall.
Workshops on ‘Infection Control’, ‘Thyroid Evaluation by Ultrasound Biostatistics Research Methodology and SPSS’, and ‘Primary Trauma Care and Primary Laparoscopic Skills’ would be held on March 26. There would also be dedicated sessions on issues related to nurses and paramedics.

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