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Davis’ release – Sharifs third blunder in a fortnight

ISLAMABAD – The covert but solid role played by the Punjab government in getting the US national Raymond Davis released is the third successive blunder on part of the ruling PML-N, which has jeopardised the party’s popularity. PML-N leaders seem puzzled and erratic while defending the blunders, as all three important decisions taken by the Sharif brothers in the last fortnight have garnered widespread criticism.
The leniency exhibited by the Punjab government to enable the CIA contractor fly out of the country has revealed the hidden links between the PML-N leadership and their US friends. It was intriguing that the Punjab government did not file cases against Davis for possessing illegal weapons and killing two unidentified people on mere suspicion, which fall under “fasad fil-arz”. However, more shocking was the hurry with which the Punjab government got the Diyat deal finalised and facilitated Davis departure from the country.
The blunder game started on February 25 with the Sharif brothers telling a press conference that they had decided to throw seven PPP ministers out of the Punjab cabinet. This decision left the Punjab government with no other option but to seek support from PML-Q turncoats – the Unification Bloc – to maintain majority in the Punjab Assembly.
But, the step attracted severe criticism from the media, as well as politicians, and the PML-N leadership was held responsible for compromising on democratic principles as well as the Charter of Democracy. For the first time since their return from Saudi Arabia, the media trained its guns on the PML-N leadership, taking them to task for promoting the culture of changing loyalties for petty gains.
Then on March 8, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif came up with a proposal for the federal government, saying the deteriorating situation in the country demanded all stakeholders, including the political leadership, army and the judiciary, sit together to discuss the challenges faced the country.

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