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Majority of anaesthetists at private hospitals unqualified

KARACHI – The majority of the anaesthetists working at private hospitals across Sindh are unqualified, and the Health Department has so far been unable to take action against them, Health Secretary Hashim Raza Zaidi admitted on Saturday.
“We are planning to take action against them, as well as the hospitals that allow unqualified medical personnel to practice,” Zaidi said while addressing the inaugural session of the 31st Annual Congress of the Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists (PSA) at a local hotel. He said that surgeries are risky endeavours, and it is the duty of hospital owners, administrators and doctors to ensure that the operation theatres are adequately staffed and equipped.
“At least the minimum suggested monitoring during surgery needs to be ensured and only qualified anaesthesiologists should be allowed to practice. I admit that we have failed to take action against unqualified medical personnel, but I assure you that we shall do so,” he added. The health secretary said that the government is planning to take stern action against unqualified anaesthetists and other medical personnel working at private hospitals.
Public awareness programmes should be organised to increase awareness among the general public and healthcare providers, and arranging such conferences would also help highlighting the importance of such issues, he added. Zaidi said that the Health Department has failed to provide better opportunities to local qualified medical professionals, which is why the majority of them are migrating to the Middle East and other parts of the world.
He requested the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan to create more training slots since the province has been losing a large number of qualified medical personnel, especially anaesthetists. He appreciated the role of the PSA and hoped that it would continue training young anaesthesiologists.

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