Was Bhatti secure enough? | Pakistan Today

Was Bhatti secure enough?

ISLAMABAD – The gruesome murder of Minorities Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti on Wednesday raised serious questions about the security provided to him by law enforcement agencies in the face of grave threats, a senior security official told Pakistan Today.
The minister was receiving threats from extremists in the wake of Salmaan Taseer’s assassination. “Bhatti was in the line of fire after Taseer’s assassination because he was being blamed for the same crime as the governor: supporting an alleged blasphemer from a minority.
However, it is a sad reality that no adequate measures were taken by the government to protect his life,” said the official who wished to remain unnamed. He said the minister himself had repeatedly mentioned the threats he had received but little was done to allay his fears.
Bhatti had asked for a bulletproof car well over a year ago but he was not provided with one, he said. He had also requested a house at the well-guarded ministers’ enclave in Islamabad but was not provided that either, the official added.

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