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Seminar urges strong, united response to extremism

ISLAMABAD – To root out terrorism and extremism and to bring peace and prosperity in the country, every individual in the society must strictly oppose extremism in strong words, the speakers said at seminar in the federal capital on Friday.
They said every person was equally responsible to make efforts for eradication of terrorism. If the society failed to fulfil the obligation, extremists would impose their agenda with the use of forces on people, they warned at a discussion ‘Oppose extremism in Strong Words’ organised by “Individualland”, a non government organisation.
The speakers including Executive Director Individualland Gulmina Bilal, Ehtisham Waheed, Ahmad Mukhtar, Fahad-ul-Hassan and Shaukat Ali Ashraf appealed the people to discourage extremist groups, which were instigating terrorism in Pakistan under the disguise of religion for imposing their own version on the society.

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