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Govt fixes export volume for VIP protocol passes at $20 million

KARACHI – Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Commerce have decided to fix the export value of $20 million for issuance of VIP protocol passes at airports to avoid the rush and security risks.
Though almost 200 exporters having the export value of around $10 million have applied for the facility, the two ministries responsible to issue the passes have set a new condition of $20 million export value to enjoy the passes, sources disclosed.
Under the new condition the small exporters, having the export value below $20 million would have to suffer as only 60 out of total 200 applicants would enjoy the facility, sources added. They said exporters were already suffering in the absence of the protocol passes since February 9, the fresh move on the part of the ministries would further add in their woes.
Dozens of exporters were already asking for the facility for the last 16 days as their existing passes had been expired, while the Ministry of Defence was reluctant to issue new passes to exporters to receive their buyers at airports due to security reasons. Though the extended dates of VIP passes issued to the exporters have on February 9, 2011, both the ministries were yet to arrange new passes despite repeated requests of the country’s exporters.
The Government of Pakistan issues the VIP protocol passes every year to the leading exporters having minimum export performance of $10 million to facilitate the exporters to meet their clients at the VIP lounges of airport.
Though the date of expiry of these passes were extended by the government as the new passes were not being processed due to the security reasons at various airports, many exporters of the country were in great frustration as the existing passes were going to be expired shortly.
The facility is considered very important for the exporters as majority of foreign buyers and importers who have connected flights are used to take another flight at airport after making a business deal without staying in the country.
According to sources almost 200 exporters have submitted their documents at Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), which basically recommends the issuance of passes to the exporters. TDAP through advertisement invites applications from exporters for the protocol passes for access to VIP lounges at national airports. The authority receives the applications of exporters through their respective trade association / chamber along with verified proof of their export performance by the concerned bank and products exported.

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