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Painting exhibition held to raise funds for underprivileged patients

KARACHI – The Welfare Society for Patient Care recently held a painting exhibition at the Canvas Gallery for raising funds for treatment of underprivileged patients. With Prof Dr Iffat Yazdani as Honorary Administrator, the WSPC caters to the dialysis needs of over 250 patients, 95 percent of whom are dialysed free of charge.
Every month, a letter is dispatched to the donors regarding the clinical progress of the patients dialysed. The WSPC, whose funds are audited every six months, has been seeking funds for 30 underprivileged patients of renal failure for five years. The cost per patient is Rs 208,000 for a year’s dialysis treatment.
By organising the exhibition, the WSPC requested lending a helping hand to those unfortunate and underprivileged people whose kidneys have given up on them. The art show included works by emerging Pakistani artists Aisha Rajar, Akram Dost Baloch, Amir Raza, Babar Ali, Hilal Hussain, Marvi Malik, Marzia Ebrahim, Muhammad Zohaib Siddiqui, Naheed Afridi, Nasreen Aurangzeb, Peerzada Najam, Sana Zehra, Shazia Fazal, Shazly Khan, Tuba Zaki, Uzma Sultan, and Zunaira Sardar.
Photos courtesy Canvas Gallery

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