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Zardari and top businessmen to discuss economy

KARACHI – President Asif Ali Zardari is holding a crucial meeting with the members of Pakistan Business Council (PBC) on Feb 17 in Islamabad to discuss economic revival agenda, floated recently by the council. Sources told Pakistan Today on Monday that during the meeting the president, economic team of the government and the PBC’s representatives, who belong to the leading corporate sector entities in the country, would discuss the issues raised by the council to revive the ailing national economy.
At a recent briefing in Karachi, the PBC had urged the government to take urgent measures to bolster the economic activity in the country. The key issues to be taken up in the meeting are the low tax-to-GDP ratio (currently around nine per cent), growing deficits, heavy burden of taxes on the corporate sector, smuggling using the Afghan Transit Trade Agreement, energy crisis and other matter concerning by the industries and the manufacturing sector, said sources.

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