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Bank Alfalah to back Faiz Trust

LAHORE – Bank Alfalah has announced a partnership with the Faiz Trust. It has always taken pride in our national heritage, striving to preserve and promote our cultural roots. Bank Alfalah believes that nations only prosper when they remember their roots and honor their heroes.
From monuments to commemorate the sacrifice of war heroes to celebrating the spirit of being ‘Pakistani’, Bank Alfalah can be found at the forefront of every such initiative. One of the most famous poets of the Urdu language, Faiz Ahmed Faiz earns his right to be placed in the hall of fame along with other heavyweights such as Iqbal, Ahmad Faraz and Jalib, amongst others.
His poetry documents, and resonates with the struggles and hardships of his era. Bank Alfalah congratulates the Faiz Trust on ensuring that the legacy of this legendary man lives on. It is their hard work that allows our new generations to be familiar with and appreciate their heritage.

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