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Faiz Aman Mela – A people’s poet for a private audience

LAHORE – The Faiz Aman Mela, a part of Faiz Centennial celebrations began on Sunday afternoon and attracted a huge audience at Lawrence Gardens, however many left the premises disappointed.
The event was organized by Pakistan Television who barred all other private channels from covering the event. The free entry event attracted a large gathering of general public to the mela. The program started around two o clock, where artists recited poetry and sang songs, both light and semi classical, however many amongst the public were left disillusioned as only two of the performing artists sang Faiz’s poetry while the others sang their own songs.
Most of the artists including Sumbul Raja, Waris Baig, Malkoo, Ragni, Arif Lohar performed recorded songs, while many Indian guests including Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Ila Arun, some PTV announcers and the organizers including Salima Hashmi, Fozia Saeed and Arshad Mehmood threw themselves into the moment to dance to the beat of these songs.
Shabana Azmi sang Faiz’s poem Bol Ke Lab Azad, composed by Arshad Mehmood. “This poem has become so deeply ingrained in my heart that I feel as if I am the one who composed it,” said Azmi. Arshad Mehmood recited a poem while Ila Arun sang a Rajastani song. The other live performances included a performance by the Jutt brothers who performed folk songs and Tarannum Naz who sang Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat.
Bol Ke Lab and Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat were the only two songs based on Faiz’s work. Meanwhile guests from India said that they were surprised and happy to see hundred years of a poet being celebrated like this in Pakistan. They said that India had rarely celebrated such events and they were impressed by the turnout of people at Faiz Amn Mela.
However portions of the audience said that they wanted to see Faiz’s poetry performed. “We came thinking that the performance would be about Faiz and his work, but we were sorely disappointed to hear other canto being played,” Malik Latif, a poetry lover complained. “Though there will be a concert where Tina Sani will actually sing Faiz’s stanzas, but the public cannot attend it because it is invitation-based. What was the point of having a centennial for an exclusive audience?” he questioned.
Tina Sani concert: Tina Sani’s concert for Faiz was held later during the evening, where she presented some new and vintage numbers of Faiz. In addition, Lahore Grammar School students presented a song and mime based on Faiz’s poetry. Tina Sani’s new album based on Faiz’s poetry is now out in the market. She has been singing Faiz since 25 years but this is her first album length project that is based solely on Faiz’s work.
This album captures Sani’s journey with Faiz as well as reflecting her own career in music.

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