Religious processions should be banned, says Sajid Mir | Pakistan Today

Religious processions should be banned, says Sajid Mir

LAHORE – Religious processions during Muharram and Rabiul Awal cause sectarian tensions owing to which they should be banned, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Sajid Mir said on Friday during his Friday prayer sermon.
He said that processions have no ideological base in Islam and people, who participate in them, could be soft target for terrorists. Sajid said that in such hostile atmosphere, religious leaders should avoid using their workers to show their superiority over others. The PML-N senator said that huge public money is spent on such processions, which also cause security issues.
He said that some speakers use such occasions for making sectarian speeches, which badly hurt feelings of people of other sects and spread sectarian violence in the country. Sajid said that such processions should only be held within specific boundaries.

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