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‘Foreign forces injecting extremism into Pakistan’

PESHAWAR – Without ensuring the supremacy of constitution and parliament, no one can handle the challenges of terrorism and militancy that have put Pakistan’s sovereignty and solidarity at risk.
It was said by the speakers and participants at a seminar on “From Militarisation to Civilisation” arranged by the Individual Land in Peshawar on Saturday, where a speaker, Shamim Shahid, said a number of internal and external reasons were behind the militarisation as, internally, the rulers became a part of the hostilities and confrontation whereas some of the external forces had exploited the opportunities for its own purposes.
He blamed the Saudi monarchs for injecting extremism among the local people just for meeting their own and United States’ (US) nefarious designs and said that the responsibility rested with the religious forces to realise the real intentions of the Saudi monarchs. Awami National Party’s (ANP) Additional Secretary General Hasham Babar, Ms Mussarrat Qadeem, Maryam Bibi, a private Pashto television’s news and current affairs director Hassan Khan and Shamim Shahid made detailed presentations on the trend of militancy.
He said the present democratic government initiated a comprehensive policy for combating the trends of terrorism according to the expectations of masses and added that only a political government could handle this matter. Both Maryam Bibi and Ms Mussarrat Qadeem diverted the participants’ attention towards the sufferings of the women and said that thousands of women lost their dear ones in the terrorist attacks.
Hassan Khan listed the human and property losses after the terrorist attacks and said that bad governance, corruption and nepotism-based policies on the part of rulers were the reasons behind the militarisation which was ruining the state organs for last three decades.
Almost all the participants said that Pakistan was at war which had crippled the well-organised and well-effective state organs. They added that the war had also created many opportunities and chances for the nation to improve its living standards and environment.

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