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Inspiring engineers – Enthralling events at FAST IEEE week continue

FAST chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) brought another enthralling and joyous event EE_HUNT by NUCES Circuit Society (NCS) in which teams from various schools and universities including Beacon house, Lahore Grammar, UET and FAST-LHR participated. All teams had to find a hidden treasure from a set of 6 hidden clues. An exciting commotion by the participants’ lust for the treasure hurled all the boredom out of the campus. UET’s team won.
WIE-NUCES women empowerment forum: WIE-NUCES arranged Women Empowerment Forum on 10th February on Human Rights Day. WIE-NUCES organizes a seminar every year on the eve of IEEE week under this theme. Women from different walks of life shared their precious views and experiences about role of women in society. The speakers included Ammara Farooq Malik, Robina Shakeel and Nasreen Aftab
WIE -NUCES Graphic designing workshop Student of Fast Nu Lahore Abdus Salaam conducted Graphic designing workshop.
Photography workshop: Students from Telecom EE-07 Asrar Ahmed and Taha Samad conducted Phtography workshop. The presenter was FAST visiting faculty Mr.Shahbaazhaider. He taught techniques like “freezing a moment, how to make effective use of camera light, shutter and focal length.
The IEEE week would conclude tomorrow with a closing ceremony.

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