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Raymond Davis issue causes uproar during FO briefing

ISLAMABAD – The contentious issue of Raymond Davis, a US citizen currently detained in Lahore for killing two Pakistanis, caused uproar in the Foreign Office (FO) on Thursday when spokesman Abdul Basit declined to answer queries on the vital matter leading to a walkout by the reporters and an abrupt end to the ministry’s weekly briefing.
Reporters anxious to dig out information and know the exact stance of the Foreign Ministry on the status of Davis, who is dubbed as diplomat by the US authorities entitled to criminal immunity, came up with a volley of questions but Basit had no comments to offer except that the matter was sub-judice. “I am not in a position to comment, neither do I have any information to share with you at this stage,” he said, before conceding “I know I am disappointing you.”
He said, “Let me briefly say that on the Lahore incident, I am not in a position to comment on any of its aspect. Neither do I have any information to share with you at this stage when the matter, as you all know, is sub-judice. We issued a statement at the highest level. Yesterday, the prime minister categorically stated on the floor of the House that the law will take its course. We should therefore respect the legal process.”
Earlier, he was asked how many people like Raymond Davis were present in Pakistan and also if there was any record of such people with the Foreign Office? It was followed by a barrage of related queries such as one on names and number of the US employees working in their consulate in Lahore and also seeking the Foreign Ministry’s explanation about the immunities and the privileges of officials and diplomats working under relevant international conventions?

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