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Guard Rice/Diamond Paints advance in Nurpur Cup

LAHORE – Guard Rice/Diamond Paints and Master Paints thrashed their rivals in the
Nurpur Polo Cup here at the Lahore Polo Club ground on Tuesday. Guard Rice/Diamond Paints made the most of the chances that came their way to halt the progress of Hataff and won by four goals to two-and-a-half.
Master Paints defeated PIA/SHV Energy by eight-and-a-half goals to seven. After going goalless in the opening chukker, Hataff and Guard Rice/Diamond Paints got even in the second with Omar Asjad Malhi and Raja Samiullah scoring a goal apiece for their teams. Hissam Ali Hyder took charge of the proceeding with two goals after Vierri Antinori opened the thirds chukker with a 30-yarder.
Taimur Ali Malik closed the fourth chukker and the match with an under the neck shot with win for Guard Rice/Diamond Paints. Master Paints and PIA/SHV Energy played a close game till the end with Gaston Moore playing a vital role in the win for Master Paints.
Shiraz Qureshi, Raja Temur Nadeem, Ahmed Ali Tiwana and Jamie Le Hardy displayed teamwork to thwart Gaston Moore’s progress but the seven goaler still weighed heavy. Hamza Mawaz Khan and Sufi Muhammad Aamir helped Moore in the win for Masters.
Manual Crespo, Shah Shamyl Alam, Raul Laplacette and Zain Khan Khakwani managed the games as umpires.

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