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PCS proposal claims Rs 80b per annum can be saved

LAHORE – It is possible to save Rs 80 billion per annum in the Punjab government by curtailing expenditures and introducing revenue reforms, a proposal formulated by the PCS Officers Association read on Wednesday.
According to the formula proposed by the provincial service officers, Rs 30 billion per annum can be saved per annum by curtailing expenditures. The PCS officers put forward that a lot of money could be saved by restricting the number of vehicles for officers and cutting down on spending for “repair” of official residences.
Moreover they said the maximum size of an official residence should be one kanal, while extra land should be sold or utilized by the government for any other purpose. This exercise alone will generate billions of rupees, they said. They further suggested that all non APUG officers including customs, accounts, income tax, postal and railways should be sent back to the federal government as their postings in provinces have been declared illegal and unconstitutional by Sindh High Court.
More than 60 such officers are still working in Punjab and have been given important posts, which is an extra burden on the provincial exchequer. Other suggestions include abolishing special pay packages in projects and repatriating DMG officers on leave to the federal government. It further read that all development projects should be completed within the stipulated time, citing the delay in the Lahore-Sialkot-Kharian motorway which doubled the cost from Rs 23 billion to Rs 46 billion.
They further proposed that posting junior officers on higher seats is also a burden on the exchequer, adding that rented buildings over the years should be owned to save a constant expense. All unutilized land of the Punjab government must be brought into proper use to generate revenues.
For revenue generation, they said a separate set of reforms for the Revenue Department has already been given to the Punjab government in 2008 and 2009 which will not only double the revenues but also minimize litigation causing blood feuds. They further said introducing the system of pre-audit is a must to save huge amounts.
This exercise will potentially save Rs 50 billion, the proposal concluded.
The PCS officers association further offered their services for good governance without any additional allowances.

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