Luxury apartments for MPs in a grim economy? | Pakistan Today

Luxury apartments for MPs in a grim economy?

LAHORE – The Concerned Citizens Society of Pakistan (CCP), a non-governmental organisation, has condemned the inauguration for luxury apartments construction for National Assembly members by prime minister here the other day. In a statement issued on Friday, the CCP criticised the PM Gilani for his reported statement that the government was facing the ‘economic threat’ and not the ‘political’ one, while he was inaugurating the work on Rs.3billion luxury apartments.
“The CCP urges members of parliament to unanimously pass a resolution that such wasteful expenditure on new apartments is not required until and unless the economy is stabilised and the needs of average citizens are fulfilled”, the NGO demanded. Elaborating what it meant as ‘needs’ it said, “These include availability of gas, electricity, clean drinking water, and health and educational facilities to all citizens of Pakistan, as well as provision of jobs to approximately 400 million educated youth”.

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