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Traders demand early completion of industrial estate

WAZIRABAD – The local traders demanded of the government to complete legal formalities for the early completion of the industrial estate project in the city.
The city has no match in the field of cutlery items, but is suffering a business decline these days. On the request of the late provincial law and education minister Raja Khaleeq Ullah Khan, a site for an industrial estate was selected and a small industrial estate inaugurated in 1993 in Wazirabad. But the provincial industrial bureaucracy showed lack of interest in this scheme and it was abandoned owing to red-tapism.
The project of small industrial estate has a great importance for the promotion of the cutlery industry as Pakistan earns a huge amount of foreign exchange from it. It has now become very essential to revive this scheme of small industrial estate in Wazirabad.
The traders of the city have demanded of the ministry of industry and trade and Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan to revive this declining industry. They also said that the EPB should seek more industrial markets for cutlery products.

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