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Voices from Jamshoro reach Karachi

KARACHI – A painting exhibition titled ‘Tales from the Desert-4 – Voices from Jamshoro’ opened at the IVS gallery on Wednesday, showcasing the works of four young artists from Jamshoro.
The art pieces of Shafique Ahmed Tunio, displayed as the ‘Teeli Series’, depicted his childhood memories of playing with matchsticks and making toys with them.
He then found those matchsticks very close to his self and started expressing his inner self through these tiny, fragile and sensitive objects, which have the capacity to ignite, glow, smoulder and burn up themselves for others.
“As a memorable expression, I have worked with various aspects of matchsticks and their boxes in my prints, tried to explore their internal sparkle and articulate them beyond their usual function,” Tunio said.
The theme of Zeeshan Memon’s paintings was ‘Pakistani Films and their Influence on a Society’. His art pieces carried a message that films play a key role in establishing the cultural and social face of society as what is today in cinema would be reflected in the future of the society.
“Not only the costumes [in the films], which are copied by the public, but the gestures, actions and dialogues also influence the people and my endeavour has been to show those characters of Pakistani films that have influence on the public,” he said.
Zubair Ahmed Bhutto worked on the theme of ‘East and West’, elaborating the influence of the West on the East.
Zahid Hussain Farooqui’s art pieces were based on ‘Identity Crisis’ and depicted how the country is searching for its identity.
. “This body of work is the observation of Pakistan and all of my pieces are in black and white, representing ignorance,’ said Farooqui.
The four artists have graduated from the Centre of Excellence in Arts and Design, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology.
Despite the fact that they all are fresh graduates, the work of these artists exhibits strength and maturity far beyond their years.

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