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First lady makes her presence felt at PC Furniture Exhibition

LAHORE – Private-sector print and electronic media were barred from entering the Women Entrepreneur Furniture Exhibition at the Pearl Continental Hotel on Sunday, as First Lady Fauzia Gilani attended the exhibition’s last day at the hotel’s Shahi Khema Hall.
The general public and journalists criticised the extraordinary protocol given to the PM’s wife and termed it a disrespect. Journalists, already present in the hall, were forced to leave the spot until Fauzia was present in the Shahi Khema.
A private TV channel cameraman told Pakistan Today that as the first lady entered the hall, he was forced out and not even allowed to collect his tripod lying there. He complained that security guards did not allow him to enter the hall and termed their behaviour as extremely rude.
A girl, who was forced out from the hall, said that she was with her mother but now waiting for the hall doors to open so that she could reunite with her.
The furniture exhibition was attended by a large number of people from all walks of life. Officials claimed that the event was quite successful and would promote the country’s furniture industry. Women entrepreneurs looked extremely happy with results of the exhibition and said that such types of events would increase chances for women in the business industry.

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