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TWO AMENDMENTS APPROVED – Sindh Assembly showers blessing on fisherfolk and lawyers

KARACHI – The Sindh Assembly (SA) showered its blessings on fisherfolk and lawyers, with two bills being passed into law on Thursday that offer greater livelihood opportunities for both.
The first Bill, Sindh Fisheries (Amendment) Bill-2011 cancels all leases granted for the fishing trade. In their place, the government will issue licenses for fishing to the fisherfolk community. For the first time, the government also sought to define a “fisherman,” with the logic aimed at abolishing the role of middlemen altogether.
Fisheries Minister Zahid Bhurgari said though the government had an annual income of Rs70 to 80 million through the lease system, it has been abolished in the interests of underprivileged fisherfolk. He said that the fisherfolk community had been experiencing continued exploitation due to the lease system on fishing in all public waters.
PPP’s Jam Tamachi Unnar said that fisherfolk would not get benefit unless the law is not implemented in letter and spirit. He said influential persons could continue to exert territorial influence over sweet water despite the abolishment of the lease system.
PPP’s senior member Dr Sikandar Mandhro said that under the lease system, the government has been awarding contracts to influential persons for Rs1200 per year, who in turn were selling these on for Rs10 million each.
Fisheries Minister Bhurgari assured the house that his department would constitute district-level committees for the proper implementation of the law. He said that MPAs concerned and district officers will be inducted into the implementation committees.
Another bill passed into law was the Sindh Civil Courts (Amendment) Bill, 2010. Moved by Law Minister Soomro, the bill authorises civil courts to deal with property disputes worth up to Rs15 million as opposed to the current bar of Rs 3,000,000.
Law Minister Soomro said that the limit has been increased for civil courts because the value of property in Karachi has increased manifold, but civil courts can not try suits beyond Rs 3,000,000. He added that the law would help in the expedient disposal of property suits and will offer greater convenience to litigants.

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