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Amir’s lawyer wanted tribunal to take more time

LAHORE – Fast bowler Mohammad Aamer’s lawyer Shahid Karim had requested the International Cricket Council’s three-man tribunal examining the charges of spot-fixing to take more time in studying the case before announcing its verdict, it was learnt on Tuesday.
The closing statements of the six-day hearing were presented on Tuesday morning in Doha and while the verdict is expected later in the day, Karim revealed that he has asked for a deferment. “We have requested the judges to look at the case carefully before they announce the verdict,” the lawyer said. “This is up to them, and if they have looked at it with thought and consideration, then after we finish they’ll tell us if the verdict is announced today or at a later date.” “I am satisfied that the hearing has been very good and impartial, and I can say from our point of view at least we are hopeful. The onus is now on the judges,” he stressed. Amir, who is accused of bowling deliberate no-balls in a Test match against England at Lord’s last month, said that he is hoping for “good news”.
“When the nation’s prayers are with you, you don’t feel so scared and there is hope. It’s been difficult to sleep over the last few nights but my eyes are open now and when good news comes I will hopefully be able to close them properly,” he added. “We are satisfied with how things have gone, and my family’s prayers are also with me. I’m feeling good and am hoping for some good news,” he reported to have said.

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