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Cell phone imports grow by 213 percent

ISLAMABAD – Cellular phone handset import in the country has witnessed a whopping growth of 213 percent in November 2010 as compared to same month of last fiscal year. Such imports have increased to $43.416 million in November 2010 compared to $13.869 million in the same month of 2009.
The significant increase in imports depicts the rise in demand in local markets to meet the consumers’ needs in the different cities including flood-hit areas. Federal Bureau of Statistic’s (FBS) data on Monday showed that the imports also recorded 34 percent high in November 2010 as against October 2010, showing constant monthly growth.
Industry experts said the demand spike also translates into higher sales of both branded and Chinese-made mobile handsets in the country. The imports of Chinese-made handsets have continued to grow owing to its popularity among the customers searching for low-cost and dual-SIM brands.
The imports of branded mobile handset via China have also minimised duty structure of the mobile handsets, showing constant growth in the imports of mobile handsets, sources added.
The head of a renowned mobile phone brand in Pakistan said the handsets imports were witnessed increasing demand in the local market, particularly in flood-hit areas where millions of people had lost their handsets during July to August 2010.
He explained that Pakistani market has changed in the recent times with the share of low-priced handsets rising on the eroding purchasing power of the people. The business witnessed a shift towards low-priced handsets as it indicates 70 percent of the Pakistani market comprised off the buyers having purchasing power up to $50.
The section of the population which could previously afford mobile handsets ranged $100 (Rs 8,550) are now purchasing mobile handsets cost up to $80 (Rs 6,840). Those could afford up to $80 are now buying $50 (Rs 4,275), he added. Similarly, a significant number of customers buy handset ranged up to $20 including cellular phone operators’ tagged gadgets. In July-November 2010, mobile handset imports witnessed 98.44 percent growth.

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