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US can encourage Indo-Pak talks on Kashmir: Munter

ISLAMABAD – US Ambassador Cameron Munter on Friday said the US could encourage Pakistan and India to resolve the issue of Kashmir through dialogue.
He was speaking at a discussion on the US-Pakistan relations held by Islamabad Programme in Global Studies.
He said the US could not dictate India or Pakistan, but as a friend of both countries, it could encourage the two sides to resolve the dispute over Kashmir. Munter said good relations between the two countries would be beneficial for both countries and Pakistan could benefit from the growing economy of India, as it would generate more employment opportunities.
Pakistan and India should promote confidence-building measure, as they would be vital in resolving outstanding issues and the US would facilitate the two countries in this regard, Munter said.
He said there was a trust deficit between Islamabad and Washington, but the US was determined for long-term engagement and wanted to promote frank, candid and open dialogue.
Nawaz supports dialogue: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif on Friday called for an early resumption of the composite dialogue process between Pakistan and India, saying its absence was adding to tension and hostility between the two countries.
Talking to a group of Indian parliamentarians and social figures, who called on him, Nawaz emphasised that as a strong advocate of cordial and cooperative relations between the two South Asian neighbours, he had taken a number of major initiatives to improve relations with India.
Nawaz said it was only through regular and sustained contact and cooperation that the two countries could resolve their differences and ensure peace and stability in the region.

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