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Govt supports Milan, claims Berlusconi

ROME – Italy Prime Minister and AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi claimed on Tuesday that his club has the backing of the country’s government.
Berlusconi visited the team at a preparation camp in Rome ahead of Thursday’s trip to Cagliari in Sardinia.
And after doing so he bizarrely claimed that Milan’s success is directly tied to national happiness. “When Milan win everyone in Parliament celebrates with me and there are happy faces, but when we lose everyone is a little sad,” said the extrovert premier.
“When Milan win it’s good for Italy. Milan’s players have the responsibility to win, firstly because that way they’re happy, then because it pleases Milan, the fans, the president and even the MPs. “When Milan win you see smiles in Parliament hence when Milan win it’s good for the country.
“In Europe we can match anyone because I haven’t seen any team that can become as strong as us through the January transfer market.”
Milan’s main business in the January market was to bring in Italy forward Antonio Cassano from Sampdoria while Brazilian Ronaldinho is certain to leave. And Berlusconi is delighted with the signing of Cassano, allegedly telling the 28-year-old that he is the best player in Italy.
However, Berlusconi admitted he was disappointed at seeing the Brazilian twice world player of the year leave.
“I’m sorry he’s gone, he’s the best player in the world in terms of speed of thought and execution, but it was his choice to return to Brazil,” he added.

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