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Shamyl shines for Newage in Toyota Cup

LAHORE – As many as four matches were decided on the opening day of the Toyota Cup Polo Tournament here at the Lahore Polo Club on Monday. First Law, a team with two-and-a-half goals handicap, lost to Newage Cables 11-4. All the four members of Newage scored with Shah Shamyl Alam converting five while Adnan Jalil Khan and Usman Haye shared two each.
Diamond Paints glittered with 13 goals against The President’s Bodyguard, which managed six-and-a half goals.
They scored five goals in the field and enjoyed one-and-a-half on handicap. Raja Samiullah, Asif Tiwana, Taimur Ali Malik and Mir Shoaib Ahmad played their part in the win. Kaiser Trimzi with two goals was the prominent players for the losing side. JS Bank brought down high flying Air Force 11 to 3 1/2. Nausher Khan scored two goals out of the three but Shahid Hayat, Kashif Jamal and Ahmed Ali Tiwana took away the match. In the last match of the day, Rijas proved too good for Charbagh who enjoyed two-and-a-half goals advantage in handicap. Saqib Khan Khakwani led the Rijas onslaught with support coming from Atif Tiwana, Faisal Shahzad and Omar Asjad Malhi. Umpires for the matches were Raja Arsalan Najeeb, Ahmad Nawaz Tiwana, Raja Temur Nadeem, Hassan Ali Farrukh, Mian Hussain Iftikhar, Naveed M Sheikh and Shah Qublai Alam.
NEWAGE CABLES: Adnan Jalil Azam, Usman Haye, Bilal Haye, Shah Shamyl Alam.
FIRST LAW: Feroze Gulzar, Raja Amer Khan, Moin Yaqub, Ameer.
THE PRESIDENT’S BODYGUARD: , ALD. Saqib Rehman, Kaiser Trimzi, Maj. Rabnawaz Tiwana, Lt. Col. Zulfiqar Baig.
GUARD GROUP/DIAMOND PAINTS: Mir Shoaib Ahmad, Taimur Ali Malik, Raja Samiullah, Asif Tiwana.
JS BANK: Kashif Jamal, Zain Khan Khakwani, Ahmed Ali Tiwana, Shahid Hayat.
PAKISTAN AIR FORCE: A.W Manzoor, Maj. Babar Mehboob Aewan, Tauheed Ahmad, Wing. Comd Nausher Khan
CHARBAGH: Khawaja Waleed Zubair, Kasim Ahmad Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Samir Malik
RIJAS: Faisal Shahzad, Omar Asjad Malhi, Saqib Khan Khakwani, Atif Tiwana.

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