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‘Rescue 1122 to make 2011 safe’

LAHORE – The year 2011 will be made safe by preventing untoward accidents, Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer said while talking to reporters on Monday.
The community safety initiative, a programme to prevent accidents by creating awareness, shall be implemented through district emergency boards in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce and Industries, District Governments and community emergency response teams, he said.
Even though an effective Emergency Management System has been established in all districts of Punjab and Peshawar and Rescue 1122 had also rescued 8,22,688 emergency victims while maintaining an average response time of 7 minutes in all districts of Punjab, an increase has been seen in avoidable emergencies, he said, adding that a joint effort has to be made by the Service, media, society and corporate sector for the prevention of these emergencies.
In this regard, Rescue 1122 will sign Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with Chamber of Commerce and Industries and District Governments in Punjab, he said, adding that such collaboration has already been established in Sialkot and Rawalpindi.
A number of activities shall be initiated which include installation of fire hydrants, implementation of Building safety codes, establishment of community emergency response teams, injury prevention research for reduction in number of traffic accidents and dissemination of public safety messages, he said, adding that Punjab will continue to provide technical assistance to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AJK and Karachi.

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