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Gujrat FIA arrests two wanted human traffickers

LAHORE – The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Gujrat on Monday arrested two most wanted human traffickers whose names were included in the FIA Red Book. According to FIA sources, Muhammad Ehsan and Mehdi were wanted by FIA Gujrat in different cases of human trafficking.
After receiving information about hideouts of the most wanted human traffickers, a FIA Gujrat special team conducted a raid and arrested both the accused. Ehsan and Mehdi were involved in human trafficking from Pakistan to Greece and after receiving huge amounts from people, had succeeded in sending 200 people to Greece through illegal routs.
FIA Punjab Director Zafar Ahmed Qureshi announced cash prizes and commendation certificates for the team head and other members for arresting the accused.

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  1. nazam Shah said:

    Funny F.I.A games we read every day but your all police ply for money and i would like to say 100% within few days they will get free and start bussain again more freely. what about MAZER BUTTER ? WHAT ABOUT ARFAN FROM SIALKOT? WHERE IS ABDUL HAQ(HAKA BUTT)WHERE IS JAVED AMREWALA ? F.I.A LIKE TO ARREST THE ONLY PORE PEOPEL.. STOP THE GAME,,,,,,,,,,,FOR ALLAH

  2. Nazer Mohammad said:

    F.I.A koy adara nahin balke aik dakun ka aik grup haa… RANA SHAHID HABIB Sialkot meen Milions of dollers logon se wasul kar raha haa, koy nahin puchta kewo pase kahan se laa raha haa ?

  3. Nazer Mohammad said:

    Rana Shahid Habib , aik reshvet hoor officer haa jes ne F.I.A jasy adaron ko aPne baap ke jageer samej rakha haa, Sialkot.Gujrat,Lalamusa, ke etraf meen kuhely aam pasa lee raha haa koy be agent The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) beggar kaam nahin kar sakta RANA SHAHID HABIB her agent se deel karky hud kaam karwa raha haa,
    Pakistan aur F.I.A ke zumdaran officers ko es ZALEM ke halaf kadam uthana chahey warna yen begaret officer both se masoom logo ke ghar ugar de gaa.
    Huda ke taref se RANA SHAHID HABIB per azab nazel hoo ALLAH es ke bache jo haram ke kamae se paal rahe haan kute ke moot maren. AMEEN.
    Rana Shahid Habib tum per HUDA ke lahnet hoo. tum Insan nahin aik kute hoo.

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