Seminaries should impart modern education’

LAHORE – Religious seminaries’ students can play an active role for establishment of a balanced society by acquiring modern education, Senior Advisor to the Punjab CM Zulfiqar Khosa said on Friday.
He was talking to Durban University Professor Dr Syed Salman Nadvi and others at the Jamia Ashrafia. Khosa said that introducing science and computer subjects in curriculum of religious seminaries had fulfilled demands of present times.
The Punjab CM’s advisor said that the Jamia Ashrafia is one of the prominent institutions of the Islamic world, as its students are rendering commendable services for promotion of Islamic studies throughout the world.
Khosa said that religious clerics were aware of education needs of present times and introduced mathematics, science and social sciences in their seminaries.
He said the Jamia Ashrafia’s management had started fatwa online, mufti online, tajveed software and online tafseer lessons, providing easy access to Muslims. Khosa termed Jamia-e-Ashrafia’s curriculum a combination of religious and modern subjects.

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