In KP and FATA, girls are denied education | Pakistan Today

In KP and FATA, girls are denied education

PESHAWAR – Khwendo Kor, a non profit non governmental organization, is vigilant to the plight of women and children, this was stated by Rohi Bano, the regional manager of Khwendo Kor while talking to Pakistan Today.
She said the organisation has been cautious to monitor the human rights situation in the country, especially the problems being faced by the woman and children in the backward areas of KP and FATA.
She said the Khwendo Kor has carried out surveys to assess the tribulation of womenfolk in the 10 villages in Molagory, Jamrud and Landi Kotal of Khyber Agency.
She said the NGO was working to create awareness among women so they could raise voice for their basic rights.
She said women in the surveyed areas pointed out problems such as ghost schools and teachers who would not perform their duties.
She said in some areas the young girls are not allowed to go to schools because of conservative approach of the parents.
In some areas, she said, there is no school at all. She urged the authorities to do the corrective measures.

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