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Another long march if ‘political mess’ continues, says Nawaz

LAHORE – PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said his party would never support a corrupt government, warning that if the political mess persisted, the PML-N would launch another long march to free the country from the rule of illegal occupants and the establishment.
Addressing a workers’ convention at the 104th foundation day of the Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz said it was ridiculous that those who enjoyed being partners with the corrupt government for three years were also talking about revolution.
“Revolution does not come with sloganeering. Revolution was what we brought in March 2009 and the world witnessed it,” he said, adding that Pakistan could not afford another martial law. “I consider a prime minister nothing but an orphan in such a situation.”
The PML-N chief demanded stern punishment for those who broke the constitution, saying if the process of accountability lingered on, there would be more chaos and it would lead to a complete downfall. “Before it is too late, the government should form a committee comprising senior parliamentarians to resolve the issues of Balochistan,” Nawaz advised.
He asserted that time had come to take to task the dictator who had repeatedly breached the law and the constitution.
The PML-N chief said the purpose of the creation of Pakistan was definitely not to play slave to the establishment. Those who occupied the rule on gunpoint broke the constitution, undermined the institutions and closed the doors to progress and prosperity, he said.
He said those who strengthened Musharraf by passing the 17th Amendment should be ashamed and should let people know about the political expediency and strategy involved in it.
“We need to put the country in order. We have to reiterate the resolve that we will salvage Pakistan from the occupant mafia ruling the country. We have to work together for the rule of the 170 million people. The PML-N has planned to rid Pakistan of this quagmire,” he said. He said the aim of the PML-N was to ensure the rule of constitution and law.

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