Army generals behind fall of Dhaka, says Nawaz

LAHORE – Former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Nawaz Sharif held the army generals responsible for the fall of Dhaka, lamenting that no general was prosecuted, nor was anyone put to accountability.
“We did not learn any lesson from making of Bangladesh, as Justice Hamudur Rehman Commission held the generals responsible for the fall of Dhaka,” he said, pointed out that about 33 years were wasted in martial law time period. It was martial law that led to the fall of Dhaka, he said.
He was addressing the workers convention on the eve of 104th anniversary of the Pakistan Muslim League. Nawaz told the gathering that it was not President Asif Zardari who restored judiciary instead it was the PML-N that led to the independence of the current judiciary.
He said that Pakistan could not afford to be once again ruled by a dictator. The PML-N entered with the Pakistan People’s Party at least three deals, however, all were discarded into rubbish bin, he said. He also said that his Muslim League proved itself that this (league) would never compromise on principles and would win public mandate.

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