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Zardari wants action to stop misuse of blasphemy law

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday said the government would take all appropriate measures -administrative, procedural and legislative – to stop the rising misuse of the blasphemy law.
Talking to a delegation of parliamentarians of minorities led by Minorities’ Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, the president said the government would not allow anyone to misuse the blasphemy law against any one for settling personal scores.
The president hailed the role being played by the minorities in the socio- economic development of the country and said Islam taught deep respect for rights of all human beings.
“It upholds the eternal values of equal rights, social justice and peace and also banishes discrimination on the basis of class, colour or creed,” he added.
The president said increasing job quotas, greater representation in the representative forum and allocating additional development funds were some of the steps taken by the government for the welfare of minorities, reiterating that the government was keen to incorporate minorities into the country’s mainstream.
He said any discrimination on the basis of one’s faith was not acceptable and the PPP had committed in its manifesto that it would not allow such discrimination.
The delegation thanked the president for meeting and appreciating the efforts of the PPP-led government for the welfare of minorities in the country. Later, the president held a Christmas dinner for the delegation.

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