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Low gas pressure irks citizens

LAHORE: Gas pressure to domestic users in many parts of the city remained low on Sunday irking citizens and the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has failed to ensure gas pressure for domestic users despite closing industries and CNG stations, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Domestic consumers in the Allama Iqbal Town, Johar Town, WAPDA Town, Township, Mughalpura, Mustafabad, Wahdat Road and other areas complained that low gas pressure was persisting since the last 15 days. They alleged that the SNGPL was least bothered about domestic consumers, as despite repeated requests, no official had come to address the complaints. “We could not even prepare tea owing to low gas pressure and used woods and kerosene oil for cooking meals and making tea,” housewife Beenish Naseer, a resident of Wahdat Road, said adding that gas pressure remained very low all day. She said that local residents had lodged many complaints with the SNGPL helpline but the company was least bothered about their problems. Johar Town resident Zulfiqar Ahmed said that local residents were using LPG for cooking food but the commodity was expensive now.
“The government should take stern action against the SNGPL and provide relief to people,” he said. Gas pressure at CNG stations also remained low in the morning and many CNG stations were closed. Gas pressure at CNG stations improved at night and long queues of vehicles were seen at CNG stations.

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  1. saeed minhas said:

    We r facing low /no pressure gas these daz at kallar syedan road sagri, a suburb of Rawalpindi repeatedly on satrdaz sundaz and mondays . i have filed acomplaint in this connection too. Rumoures are that some SNGPL officials are involed in pressure shifting towards CNG stations . CNG owners are earning at the cost of consumers suffering .last night (monday/tuesday) no gas at all. This practice may worsen the life of people in coming days if steps are not taken to curb the money-making tactics. Thanks

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