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Latif shocked at Ijaz Butt’s statement on cricket facilities in China

LAHORE: Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif has challenged the claim of PCB chairman Ijaz Butt that China didn’t have enough cricket facilities to host international matches or the Asia Cup in 2012.
In a statement on Thursday, Rashid said he was surprised to read Butt’s statement after his return from Bangladesh where he attended the Asian Cricket Council meeting that awarded the Asia Cup to Bangladesh.
Rashid categorically said that the facilities at the cricket stadium in Guangzhou, which hosted the Asian Games, can be compared with any other top class venue around the world.
“And I don’t see any reason why Mr Butt failed to spot this during his stay in the Chinese city to witness a cricket match during the recent Asian Games,” he said.
Rashid said not just the playing field but all the other facilities such as the accommodation and dressing room etc, which are required to meet the international standard, are there in the Guangzhou stadium.
“I have no doubt in my mind that after constructing a few more practice pitches the centre in Guangzhou will even outshine the best stadiums of Pakistan,” Rashid said.
Earlier, PCB Director General Javed Miandad reportedly sent a detailed report to the PCB after returning from China, suggesting that China could be used as a neutral venue to host Pakistan’s home series due to the security concerns in the country.
However, the PCB chairman on Tuesday dismissed such a possibility, saying that China needed time to establish infrastructure which meets international standards.
The former captain pointed out that if a person of the caliber of Miandad is suggesting something, then there must be a solid logic to it.
“Miandad is a heavyweight, nobody knows cricket better than him, and to me, turning down his advice is an insult to cricket,” Rashid said.
He also welcomed Miandad’s involvement with players in the national training camp for the New Zealand tour and felt the legendary former captain must be sent to New Zealand with the team.
“The team needs Miandad in New Zealand but he is trying to avoid a controversy, which is a sign of his greatness. The coaching staff of the Pakistan team includes only specialist former bowlers with zero knowledge of batting. That is why it is necessary the PCB insist Miandad accompany the team to New Zealand,” he said.

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