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MQM to consider options in meeting today

KARACHI: MQM Rabita Committee has convened an emergency joint meeting of its members in Karachi and London for today (Wednesday) to discuss the changing political situation in the country after the JUI-F parted ways with the government on Tuesday.
“The evolving situation after the departure of the JUI-F, the attitude of the PPP government, the MQM’s reservations and other important issues will be discussed in the meeting. A statement would be issued after the meeting about the party’s future course of action.
While talking to reporters earlier, MQM leader Faisal Sabzwari did not say whether his party would consider parting ways with the PPP-led government, but said it would discuss its line of action according to the aspirations of the people.
Political observers said the meeting of MQM’s top decision-making body was a significant development and could mean that major changes were in the offing, especially considering that the relations between the PPP and the MQM have already been tense.
Political pundits said the MQM might not announce parting ways with the government, but could issue an ultimatum.
Meanwhile, the PPP said that it did not consider the MQM meeting anything to concerned about.
PPP leader Waqar Mahdi said both parties “are doing well in the coalition government and there is no problem between them”.

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