Ethnicity fissures Sindh lawyers ahead of PBC polls | Pakistan Today

Ethnicity fissures Sindh lawyers ahead of PBC polls

KARACHI: Fissures have emerged among members of the Sindh Bar Council (SBC), with Sindhi-speaking lawyers forming a panel of their own ahead of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) polls on December 22 in an attempt to combat “discrimination on ethnic basis,” Pakistan Today has learnt.
Two panels had traditionally existed in the SBC; one led by Rasheed A Rizvi and the other by Yasin Azad. A third panel has now emerged, and is being led by SBC Vice-Chairman Ali Muhammad Dahiry Advocate. Dahiry left Razvi’s panel to form one aims to give a voice to the Sindhi-speaking judicial and legal fraternity.
“We demand an increase in the number of Sindhi-speaking judges in the Sindh High Court (SHC),” Sindh Bar Council (SBC) Vice-Chairman Advocate Ali Muhammad Dahiry told Pakistan Today after a routine SBC meeting on Saturday.
Dahiry claimed that SHC judges were only being selected from Karachi’s four districts but the rest of Sindh was being ignored. “Out of 24 judges in the SHC, only four are Sindhi-speaking. We will resist this unjustified practice,” he said.

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