Kohat Blast

The suicide attack in Kohat, resulting in the deaths of 18 and injuring 32, clearly shows how the Taliban in sheer desperation have resorted to these cowardly acts of terror. The target was a passenger coach in a crowded bazaar; it held no military or strategic value at all for the TTP. The victims were all innocent civilians, who were busy in their daily routines. Horrifyingly, the TTP chapters immediately claimed responsibility, boasting of their ability to victimise common people. I believe that not only the TTP but their sympathisers, who still find excuses for their actions or try to weave a conspiracy theory, are equally responsible and guilty for these deaths.




Taliban have turned this academic year into a total disaster. Youth all over the country have been deprived of education in scare of terrorist attacks. Sadly this aspect of the war is being overlooked which is affecting the literacy of Pakistan. The Kohat attack that left eighteen killed is another blast added to the many in 2010. Most of the victims in this blast belonged to Orakzai agency. Education centers cannot operate smoothly if the cities are not stable. As a concerned citizen, I write on this pressing issue to urge authorities to improve the security position of such areas. Only then will people send their children to schools who will eventually decide the fate of Pakistan.


Arlington, Texas