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Lorgat’s statement inappropriate: Mani

LAHORE: Former ICC President Ehsan Mani believes that ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat’s statement regarding spot-fixing tainted trio was unnecessary and inappropriate.
Referring to Lorgat’s statement in which he had said that he wanted to see Pakistani players penalised, Mani said the case was yet to be heard by the ICC code of conduct tribunal and Lorgat’s statement was not required and unnecessary.
“The three-member ICC tribunal will hold the hearing next month, therefore Lorgat should not have said anything on the issue, his (Lorgat’s) remarks were inappropriate and if I was the ICC president, I would surely take action against him”, Mani said in a television interview. Lorgat has also upset the lawyers based for the trio.
The trio will attend a hearing from January 6 to 11 in Doha regarding the various charges levelled against them by the ICC anti-corruption and security unit.
Mani also hit out at the PCB for giving a cold shoulder to the trio. But Tafazzul Rizvi, the legal advisor of the PCB, said he didn’t believe Lorgat’s statement was uncalled for or inappropriate. “One must not forget that he is also the ICC CEO and the ICC is the party pressing the charges against the player in this case so Lorgat has every right to say he would be disappointed if the players were not found guilty,” Rizvi said.

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