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Khurshid says Munter intervening in Pakistan’s affairs

ISLAMABAD: Prof Khurshid Ahmad, senator and Naib Amir of the Jamaate Islami Pakistan, on Tuesday said that he had serious concerned about the activities of US Ambassador Cameron Munter.
In a statement Khurshid said that Munter’s visit to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Headquarters and his statement that “if GST is not enforced it would be a blow to the international community’s efforts made to bolster Pakistan economy” and that “enforcement of GST is the key-condition of the IMF” are direct interventions in Pakistan’s affairs.
He said that it was disturbing that US Embassy’s leaked cables did not affected the behavior of US diplomats and Pakistani politicians.
How humiliating it is that the US Ambassador is behaving like a viceroy and the country’s political leaderships are behaving like their clients and subjects, Khurshid said.
He said that Pakistan would have to review its diplomatic relations with the US, “if we want to protect our independence and sovereignty”.

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